Centaurus Group to develop 2 new sustainable tourism destinations in Ivory Coast

Last September, the Centaurus group started the construction of two new hotels in Ivory Coast, under its brand Maison Albar Hotels, with a unique economic and social approach for the country’s tourism industry.

Centaurus Group is based in France but has a large presence in Ivory Coast, Western Africa, with many projects in the hospitality sector. It has just announced the launching of two luxury properties in the country.

  • Maison Albar Hotels – Natural Resort: the property is a luxurious lodge on Boulay Island, near Abidjan,
    where the group has just obtained a permit from the Ivory Coast Ministry of Tourism. The new dreamlike site will be respectful of the environment and is a family-friendly hotel concept designed by architect Marcelo JOULIA (Naço), in symbiosis with the island’s lush natural setting.
  • Maison Albar Hotels – Le Plateau, a luxury residence in the heart of the business centre of the city of city of Abidjan. This urban resort of more than 100 rooms will be built in the spirit of luxury and authenticity of the Maison Albar Hotels collection worldwide. With a gourmet restaurant and a wellness centre, it will offer its guests a new experience of luxury in Ivory Coast.

Centaurus group has strong development ambitions in Ivory Coast. In cooperation with the Ivorian group Porteo S.A., Centaurus recently announced the creation of Dalia Hospitality (DHO), an investment fund that aims to develop projects in the hotel and tourism sector in Africa and Europe.

Based and operating out of Ivory Coast, Dalia Hospitality aims to invest in projects that structure the tourism economies of the two continents, while enhancing their impact in terms of job creation and training.

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