The EU has recently adopted new proposals for Creative Europe, a cross-sectoral programme for European culture and media. 

The budget has been increased by €100 million compared to last year, bringing the value to approximately €385 million. This increase will help Creative Europe bolster support its partners across Europe, bouncing back from the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis. 

“Cultural and creative sectors are the soul of European society. We know how resilient the creative and cultural sectors have been in these past two years”, said Mariya Gabriel, commissioner for innovation, research, culture, education and youth. “In 2022, Creative Europe will benefit from its biggest budget ever. The EU stands by their side to support their recovery, creative process and their innovation potential. We invite artists, creators and culture professionals to explore and benefit from the many funding opportunities provided by Creative Europe”. 

The culture strand of the Creative Europe programme will include new initiatives for the music, cultural heritage, performing arts and literature sectors in countries across Europe. The media strand will centre around audio-visual development, with funding towards video games and virtual reality experiences.

Europe’s cultural and creative sectors represent 4.2% of the EU’s total GDP, as well as 3.7% of the EU’s workforce. 

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