The French city of Mulhouse is finishing the conversion of the historical Industrial Society of Mulhouse (SIM) into a high-tech conference centre integrating a hemicycle able to accommodate up to 200 delegates.

Located in Southern Alsace, Mulhouse is a perfect location for conferences, mid-way between Basle in Switzerland, Colmar in France and Freiburg in Germany. Known as the centre of Alsace‘s textile industry until the middle of the 20th century, Mulhouse offers for travellers a well-preserved historical city centre, outstanding museums – including Europe’s largest automobile museum – and an emerging gastronomy scene with dynamic young chefs. It is now ready to move into the convention market.

Although Mulhouse already has a large conference and fair facility at Parc-Expo, the city decided to open a new centre for conferences in its historical city.

A 19th century architectural jewel for conferences

Just five minutes away by foot from the railway station and less than 10 minutes from the old town, the headquarters of the Industrial Society of Mulhouse (SIM) are getting a complete make-over. The structure, reminiscent of Italy with its arcades, was built in 1826 and will now be Mulhouse’s most modern convention facility

From the end of October, the SIM will integrate a brand new hemicycle offering up to 200 seats for delegates and high tech facilities such as video filming or a large screen, all hidden in a charming 19th century structure. The SIM also has two other meeting rooms, each able to accommodate 100 people. An outdoor courtyard with a garden is due for completion next year.

Mulhouse historical centre – La Place de la Réunion (Photo : LC/Cleverdis)

Creativity drives Mulhouse’s MICE activities

The rather untraditional image of Mulhouse in Alsace is an asset. Mulhouse, more than any other town in the region, has had to show its creativity for MICE activities. The town offers a range of unusual experiences, such as the Wackes Food Tour, for which coupons are given to participants to discover, along a tourism circuit, a blend of sightseeing and food tasting.

The Climbing Mulhouse Center is dedicated to team work and team challenges. The structure is France’s highest climbing wall at 25 metres, and is located in the former manufacturing site of Mulhouse’s largest textile company, DMC.

The Ecomusée d’Alsace is France’s largest open-air museum dedicated to traditions. Located just outside Mulhouse, it recreates a typical Alsatian village from the early 20th century. The museum gathered historical houses vowed to demolition across the region. The Ecomusée is able to host various kinds of conferences, as some of the structures are equipped for meetings. Outdoor activities dedicated to team building are also possible, with various themes around such things as vineyards, bees, or the recreation of old school days.

Last but not least, Mulhouse is home to two spectacular museums, which have no equivalent in Western Europe. The Cité de l’Automobile is the world’s largest automobile collection with over 400 exceptional cars on display, including very rare Bugatti Royale models. Conferences or prestigious dinners can be organised for up to 1,500 participants inside the premises surrounded by cars. There is also a possibility to drive classic cars on the dedicated circuit of the museum. Prestigious events including shows and dinners for up to 800 participants can also be held in the Cité du Train, Europe’s largest rail museum.

Mulhouse offers MICE activities in two exceptional museums – with the Cité de l’Automobile and the Cité du Train (Photo : LC/Cleverdis)
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