Ukraine LGBTQ community gets the strong support of Misterb&b

Misterb&b is an online application for focusing on homestays specifically designed towards LGBTQ travellers’ community. With the war raging in Ukraine, Misterb&b activated support to Ukrainian LGBTQ communities as described by Matthieu Jost, CEO.

LGBTQ travellers looking for a homestay in the Misterb&b probably saw an upper window in the application with the words “How we can help LGBTQ refugees in Ukraine”. “We are extremely concerned about the situation in Ukraine,” tells Misterb&b CEO Matthieu Jost.

“Particularly as part of our IT team is Ukrainian and based North of Odessa, in an area which is a strategic target. Our first task has been to help our team there, to secure them a safe place and wait until we can eventually help them leaving the country”, says Jost.

Seeking donations through NGOs

Among the actions done to help and protect its team, Misterb&b continues to pay 100% of the salaries to their employees, including the ones being called for military incorporation. Even if they only work to 70% of their time. “We also recommend to our community to help Ukraine. It takes different levels of help such as supporting with donation NGOs which are still active in the country. But also to ask people interested to accommodate Ukrainian LGBTQ people to signal themselves to our customer service,” adds Jost.

Beside the Red Cross, 3 NGOs are supported by Misterb&b:

  • Insight is coordinating shelter, relocation to safer places, food, basic needs, etc.
  • Rainbow Railroad is prepared for the displacement of LGBTQI+ people at risk in Ukraine.
  • Outright international is currently helping provide shelter and support for the LGBTQ+ community in Ukraine.

“For now on, this is all we can do in the current situation. We wait to see how the situation will further develop to do more”, stresses Matthieu Jost.

The message of Misterb&b is clear : ” together in solidarity, let’s give the Ukrainian LGBTQ community a sense of hope. Help by providing the funds they need to survive and the resilience and sense of community they need to thrive”.

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