Turkish airport operator TAV Airports is charging into the post-COVID-19 era with a number of new investments.

The company is particularly interested in regions where the number of passengers is set to grow.

“We are looking at developing countries, not developed ones,” said Sani Şener, Chairman of TAV Airports, adding, “We are focusing on Central Asia and Africa.”

Şener says TAV Airports have already started operating with Kazakhstan’s Almaty Airport and that the city is one of the most important centres on the historic Silk Road.

Turkish Airports Chairman Sani Şener
Sani Şener, Chairman of TAV Airports

He points out that there are a number of tourism opportunities revolving around the trade route.

“We want to adapt ourselves to the new era by constantly improving our strategies, however, this is not possible with the old rules,” said Şener.

The Turkish airports chairman says what makes travel even more difficult or the investment environment blurrier is that each country has different practices: “One country requires a 14-day quarantine, one does not have a quarantine rule at all, but a vaccine is requested, and, for example, a third one wants a PCR test to be done 72 hours before the flight. There was confusion regarding these practices. Now they are slowly coming into order.”

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