March 7, 2023

Ville Castelli Dimore offers guests timeless moments in Venetia 

Directors of Ville Castelli Dimore, a network of historical structures in northeastern Italy, are launching their new campaign at ITB Berlin – Timeless Moments in the Land of Venice, connecting the region’s colourful past with new visitors from around the world. 

Ville Castelli Dimore links over 30 historic locations from the Veneto region, itself part of the Venice region in north east Italy. Dubbed a “wide constellation of refined spots,” Ville Castelli Dimore is comprised of villas, houses and castles built between the 15th and 19th centuries.

The outfit was started by owners of the historical residencies in Veneto, who decided to open their doors to visitors from Italy and across the globe. The historical structures are available for overnight stays, as well as for wine tastings, day visits and other unique experiences. Activities include cooking classes teaching traditional recipes, as well as walks through local parks, gardens and even caves. Often, landlords of these exquisite homes offer guests the chance to experience a guided tour of their stately property.

The spirit of family and tradition is still very much alive across these 30 locations, with many buildings still being family homes offering warm hospitality.  “We believe that each of our homes has a soul,” a spokesperson says. “…Each one different from the others and authentic, linked to family stories and the surrounding area.”

Timeless Moments in the Land of Venice is the name of the new campaign from Ville Castelli Dimore, announced at ITB Berlin on March 7 with presentations by Mr. Giulio Vallortigara Valmarana, project leader and co-owner of Villa Valmarana ai Nani in Vicenza, Italy, as well as Mrs. Elena Stella, sales and marketing consultant for international markets. 

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