March 12, 2021

Taking the pulse of the wellness market

Michael Altewischer, Managing Partner, Wellness-Hotels & Resorts is participating in today’s special panel on wellness trends. We asked him to give us a foretaste of the outlook he will be offering.

The impact of Covid-19 strongly influences trends in wellness tourism right now. On the one hand, long-term social trends such as the longing for unspoiled nature, mindfulness and interest in a healthy lifestyle have been further strengthened by the pandemic. In addition, the topics of safety and health have moved into focus. Offers to strengthen the immune system and resilience in general are experiencing a real boom.
Safety – from booking to stay – is now the top priority for many guests when planning a wellness trip. But what we also see at the same time: Many people are pandemic-weary. They long for time out from everyday life, for a bit of normality during a wellness holiday and, above all, the opportunity to recharge their own energy reserves. Generally speaking, the future of the wellness industry lies in products and services providing meaning, depth and unique value.

The Global Wellness Institute recently underlined the importance of mental wellness in current times. Just how important is this for potential travellers?
Mental wellness is part of a holistic wellness lifestyle that encompasses body, mind and soul. While for years, the focus was on the physical level of health in particular, mental wellness is now also coming into focus. Already in our “Wellness-Trends 2019” study, a quarter of the German speaking respondents showed interest in mental wellness offerings. Current developments give reason to believe that this number has increased significantly in recent months, especially due to the effects of the pandemic. Mental wellness will certainly be an important part of wellness holidays in the years to come.

Photo: Michael Altewischer, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Wellnesshotels & Resorts GmbH

ITB Interview: Mental Wellness
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