March 16, 2023

Egypt enchants with magnificent stand decorated with Pharaohs and sphinxes

It was impossible to miss Egypt’s booth at ITB Berlin 2023 where ministers and professionals of the tourism industry met at the top of a pyramid.

“The main thing we are promoting is our history,” spokesperson Amr Ashree commented, pointing towards the traditional statues decorating a vast pyramid staircase. “We also have a live harpist to bring a spiritual atmosphere to our stand, and an Egyptian food buffet to welcome visitors.”

The Egyptian Tourism Authority was at ITB Berlin 2023 to promote its popular historic and coastal destinations as well as its hidden gems. These include destinations such as Oase Siwa, an urban oasis with ancient ruins in the Western Desert which is known to have been settled since at least 10,000 BC. The coastal destination of Zafarana was also promoted, with its sprawling beaches being an alternative to the well-established Sharm El Sheikh. Other gems included the coloured canyon near Nuweiba and temple cruises along the River Nile.

The stand boasted a large area for travel professionals and partners of the Egyptian Tourism Authority. Meetings were held in comfortable conference rooms throughout the stand and on top of the ‘pyramid’ structure. Egyptian food was served at both sides of the stand, including koshary, kebda, sogo and ta’ameya.

“The reaction from visitors has been fantastic,” Mr Ashree said. “Everyone has been stopping to look up at the pyramid and try our traditional foods. We’ve also had a lot of enquiries for our travel services and meetings taking place throughout the week. Egypt is back on the map.”

Egypt enchants with magnificent stand decorated with Pharaohs and sphinxes