March 1, 2021

Saxony, Germany’s number 1 cultural destination 

Saxony has good reason to be the Official Culture Destination of ITB Berlin NOW 2021. It is a land of outstanding art and culture, of vibrant manufacturing history and of lengendary castles: all charming world travellers.

Whether at Semperoper Dresden, Gewandhaus Leipzig, palaces, castles or historic sites: theatre and music productions, top class festivals, museums and exhibitions of international standing shape the Saxon cultural landscape and highlight its millennial heritage. The two UNESCO World Heritage Sites «Ore Mountains and Mining Region» and «Muskau Park» underline Saxony’s cultural reputation.

Cultural « USPs « include Raphael’s famous painting «The Sistine Madonna», which can only be admired in Saxony. The cult film «Three wishes for Cinderella» takes place in Moritzburg Castle – one of Saxony’s many historical sites. European porcelain, the coffee filter, chocolate bars and also the bra are Saxon inventions. And Europe’s Capital of Culture 2025 is also a Saxon one: Chemnitz.

Smaller towns such as Pirna, Radebeul, Torgau, Grimma, Annaberg-Buchholz, Freiberg, Plauen, Zwickau, Kamenz, Bautzen, Zittau and Görlitz are architectural jewels. And Meissen’s Albrechtsburg Castle was the first production site of the famous porcelain in 1710.

In Saxony, nature is never far from culture. Dresden is the half-way point between Saxon Switzerland National Park’s rocky landscapes and the slopes of the Elbland’s vineyards. From the city centre of Leipzig, one can reach the area’s most beautiful beach by canoe. Hiking trails in Vogtland can be combined with the Markneukirchen Musical Instrument Museum or the Plauen Lace Museum. The Ore Mountains are home to above ground and underground treasures.

Saxony, Germany's number 1 cultural destination 

Saxony is the Official Culture Destination of ITB Berlin NOW 2021. The most important meeting point for immersing in Saxony’s cultural offerings is the digital Culture Café from 9-12/3/21 with interviews, videos, music and presentations.

Saxony, Germany's number 1 cultural destination 


Photo: Old Masters and Sculpture Collection up to 1800
© H.C. Krass