March 12, 2024

Oman’s Sur named Capital of Arab Tourism 2024

The Wilayat of Sur was selected at the end of last year as Arab tourism capital for 2024 thanks to its diversity of tourist activities.

At the round table press event at Oman’s stand on the first day of ITB Berlin, H.E. Azzan bin Qassim Al Busaidi, the Undersecretary of Tourism at Oman’s Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, shared some of Sur’s outstanding attractions.

The Undersecretary presented the wealth of events that are being prepared to celebrate the selection of Sur at the Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism last December and outlined several of the unique activities the city on the Eastern coast of Oman has to offer.

Active and eco-conscious tourists will find a long list of things to see and do in Sur, said Azzan bin Qassim Al Busaidi, citing examples such as Majlis al-Jinn, the largest cave in Oman and “ideal for adventure enthusiasts,” as well as the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve where no less than five turtle species lay their eggs.

A seaside city, Sur has a long maritime tradition. “Sur is embraced by the sea and has a very rich seafaring history,” said Al Busaidi. Activities such as traditional ship building are on offer and the Undersecretary also mentioned the city’s impressive Maritime Heritage Museum.

Apart from Sur, Al Busaidi also spotlighted another unique spot at the round table event, Salalah, which is touched by the special phenomenon that effects the south of Oman from June to September: Khareef, or the monsoon season. Thanks to its considerable rainfall, Salalah, the Sultanate’s third largest city, becomes verdant and cool. “The entire place transforms from brown to green. And for three months, it becomes one of the leading destinations for the region,” affirmed the Undersecretary.

Photo: © Ministry of Heritage & Tourism Sultanate of Oman