March 17, 2021

LGBT+ Leadership Summit: “There is still work do be done”

Many goals have already been reached in the LGBT+ community. In many parts of the world, one finds general acceptance, anti-discrimination laws and gay marriage – but how far have we really come? This was the question that moderator David Downing from United Landmark Associates asked the panel at this year’s session. General consensus is that there is still considerable discrimination in everyday life, at the workplace and on trips to many places around the world, including Europe.

DJ Doran, president of Aequalitasmedia and co-initiator of the brand Outvoices in the US, said that one could not generalise, as there were big differences between East and West (and not only there). “We have to emphasise our everyday image more, as lawyers, pilots, chefs, hard-working members of the population, who are not just obsessed by fashion”, DJ Doran said. “We are part of everyday society – we need to show that more often.”

Photo: © Quino Al / Unsplash