March 12, 2021

ITB Berlin News – DAY 4 Edition

ITB Berlin NOW – down to earth

While future science inspires, and to some extent is the enabler of this very virtual platform that is ITB Berlin NOW, it is important to note the growing infatuation of travellers for history – rediscovering our past in a world where the future can at times seem very uncertain. It’s about getting “back down to earth”. 

Proof of this comes in the fact that industrial heritage plays such an important role in Saxony (official culture destination of ITB Berlin NOW), where one can take a “steam powered ride through history”. In this German state, which was once the economically strongest region In Germany, former production sites have turned into museums, showcasing the history of this influential era. Industries like mining, textiles, vehicles & transport, food and drink, printing & paper are examples of the former variety. Of course, many other branches can be found, as well as extraordinary examples of architecture. The “Culture Café Saxony” has thus become a very popular spot for visitors to gravitate after each convention presentation for live chats and networking.

But Saxony is just the tip of the show’s cultural iceberg, with virtually all states and regions present at ITB Berlin NOW placing a very firm emphasis on their history and culture. Indeed, one cannot… must not forget the past – for reasons we all know. And when this event returns in “real” form to the German capital, we will again be reminded of the history of this place, and the long roots of the ITB show, as a strong foundation for a bright future. We can’t wait to see you again in Berlin… in the near future.