March 10, 2021

Italian style – it’s inimitable

In today’s world, style takes on new meaning – and is more than ever a symbol of “luxury”

Nowhere in the world does “style” have the same meaning as in Italy. Here, style comes naturally, and becomes part of the visitor’s immersive experience, creating a true feeling of luxury in the real sense of the word.

Campania – favoured by the emperors

Favourite destination by Roman emperors, patricians and aristocrats, Campania with its villas, palaces, historic masterpieces and breath-taking views never ceases to enchant its visitors. Today the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and the Tyrrhenian islands are among the most dreamed locations for exclusive and elegant holidays in perfect “Made in Italy” lifestyle. Not forgetting that Procida will be Italian Capital of Culture 2022.

Italian style – it’s inimitable
Coastal scenery – Campania

Basilicata – Keep an eye out for Coppola

“When you look at Basilicata you see fields, vineyards, beautiful scenery. You see the earth as it was supposed to be”, says Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola, one of the most famous film-makers in the world today, has origins in Basilicata: his grandfather- Agostino – was born in Bernalda near Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019, and one of world’s oldest cities. Coppola often comes to Basilicata, saying he just loves it, as he can walk around or drink coffee in the local streets incognito. Many Hollywood producers chose Basilicata as the perfect setting for their films. From “The Passion of the Christ”, directed by Mel Gibson in 2004 to “No Time to Die” – the 25th James Bond, more than 60 movies have been shot in the region.

Italian style – it’s inimitable
My name is… Oh, you know me name. Didn’t I see you in Basilicata?

Lombardia – home to the world capital of style

Milan, Lombardia’s key city, is without doubt the world capital of “Made in Italy” style, a meeting point for millions of tourists every year, attracted by the glamour and exclusive names of the most important fashion designers. An area in the heart of Milan, bordered by Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga, Corso Venezia and Via Montenapoleone, is known worldwide as the Fashion District. Here one can see the latest prêt-à-porter collections and take a dive into the past thanks to the historic shops that are still located here. The Golden Quadrilateral is also home to many leading fashion events. Among the most important, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, held in September in conjunction with Fashion Week.

Italian style – it’s inimitable
Beautiful reflections in a Milan shop window

Puglia – for the discerning traveller

Puglia combines a penchant for lavishness with an extraordinary historical heritage, delivering top-notch locations set in splendid settings, for the discerned traveller looking for exclusive services. Puglian accommodation satisfies every special need. The region boasts no less than 36 5-star or 5-star extra luxury hotels in exclusive historic buildings, luxury villas in the countryside, and old farms converted into charming residences. The region offers crystal clear waters and fine sandy bays, cliffs overlooking the sea, and a countryside dotted with vineyards, expanses of olive groves, towns with ancient traditions and UNESCO World Heritage sites, castles and cathedrals, dolmens and menhirs, historic villages, caves, manor houses, museums and icons of archaeology. The exceptional Puglian hospitality, the enviable food and wine tradition of the region and the Italian taste for elegance are the ingredients that create a memorable stay.

Italian style – it’s inimitable
The luxury of space – the luxury of clean air… Why not charter a boat to sail along the Puglia coast? (photo – Massimo Virgilio on Unsplash)

Tuscany – behind the wheel of a magnificent machine

Lands and cars, cities and men, engineers and mechanics, towns and stories are told and frozen in time. Describing Tuscany as seen through the windows of a car, captured in the driving mirrors, lit by the headlights of a Spider means talking about the land where the spark-ignition engine was invented, where the pioneers of car racing were forged and where the great champions were born. True luxury, for many, lies in taking the wheel of a classic Italian car and following the traces of the Mille Miglia – the world’s “most beautiful race”.

Since its relaunch as a classic car rally in 1977, the “Mille Miglia storica” has been held annually with special stages since its tragic end in 1957. Today, showcasing unique race cars means more than speed at one of the most important and beautiful stages in the history of motorsports. “La corsa più bella del mondo” – the most beautiful race in the world – takes place every year around mid-May and attracts celebrities as well as gear heads from all over the world.

Italian style – it’s inimitable
Driving in the Mille Miglia – Photo – by Olga Serjantu / Unsplash

Veneto – the lap of luxury experiences

With experiences designed to encourage the international market to explore the vast array of diverse attractions from Venice to the Dolomites, from the river Brenta to the hills of Treviso, Padua, Vicenza and Verona up to the Lake Garda, visitors are able to explore the rich cultural legacy and history in exploring the Veneto region from an entirely new and different perspective.

Historic buildings and gardens open to those who may even already be familiar with Veneto, but who may perhaps also like to experience it from a different angle through the splendour and pomp of the stately homes built with the foundation of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. The unique architectural and artistic offering showcases the Ville Venete many of which were built between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, when Venice shifted its attention and political and economic influence to its immediate hinterland. Among the leading figures of this era were architects of the calibre of Andrea Palladio, Vincenzo Scamozzi and Gerolamo Frigimelica.

This extraordinary heritage features 24 Palladian villas, named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and monumental buildings scattered throughout the Veneto region (approximately 3,400 of them), 140 of which have joined a specific “Service Charter” to guarantee  top quality facilities. The villas have been converted into charming hotels offering luxury accommodation for unique holidays and the perfect location for wedding and romantic events.

Meanwhile, also known as “The city of Gold”, Vicenza is a worldwide gold capital, with an age-old tradition in the gold and jewellery sector thanks to the sapient hands of its craftsmen and manufacturers and the refined and elegant design of their productions. Here, big fashion brand names producing casual wear, or specialised in luxury fashion as well as handbags, shoes, accessories, jewellery and fragrances all abound.

Italian style – it’s inimitable