March 7, 2023

Expectations for intuitive, easy-to-use apps should drive B2B innovations

Catherine Logan, Regional VP EMEA and APAC, Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), speaks about the new trends shaping business travel ahead of today’s ITB Berlin Convention conference “Business Travel Is Back. So Where Do We Go From Here?”

How has the business travel segment performed in 2022?In 2021, business travel recovery proceeded at a more cautionary pace than originally expected. However, GBTA data forecast a surge in 2022 to reach $933 billion or 64% of pre-pandemic business travel spending. Europe was predicted to be the fastest growing region with global business travel spending forecast to increase by 61.7%. Meanwhile we expect that business travel spend will get close to pre-pandemic levels in 2025, reaching $1.39 trillion

What are the key priorities for business travel going forward? The way we work transforms the workplace and influences business travel’s future. Bringing together teams for collaboration and retention of the corporate culture are a priority in a hybrid working environment. Meeting face-to-face remain strong but increasingly focus on sustainability with a change in mindset towards meaningful travels. Economic uncertainty and the ongoing war in Ukraine are some of the factors that will keep the industry focused on costs and budgeting.

How are business traveller’s attitudes and expectations changing? Working from anywhere, digital nomadship, and bleisure are all on the rise. Business travellers look consequently for technology solutions to help communication and collaboration in this environment. Expectations for intuitive, easy-to-use apps should drive B2B innovations. They also increasingly express a desire for greener travel through information to help sustainable choices based on price, time and CO2 emissions. Technology will be key for both business travel suppliers and corporates, ensuring business travellers have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips to make informed choices.

Why is it important for the GBTA and other business travel sectors to meet at ITB Berlin? It is important that the business travel sector comes together to discuss, collaborate, and find solutions for the challenges facing our industry. ITB is the perfect stage to such discussions. As an association we are delighted to be at ITB presenting on some of the key topics facing the industry.

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Business Travel Is Back. So Where Do We Go From Here
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