February 24, 2023

Exciting award ceremony showcases best of the best at ITB Berlin 2023

ITB is finally back in Berlin this year, marking also the comeback for one of the most coveted prizes at the world’s largest travel trade show: The Best Exhibitor Award ceremony is making its return in-person at ITB Berlin.

The Best Exhibitor Award ceremony celebrates ITB Berlin‘s top exhibitors across 11 categories, presented by the CBS International Business School. All stands will be assessed over two rounds throughout the three day trade show, with honours handed out on Thursday, March 9.
Exhibitors will be evaluated by an international team of 15 students from various branches of the business school. Ahead of the trade show, all individual and combined stands were divided into 11 categories according to geographical location or market segment, including Germany, Europe, Asia/Australia/Oceania, America/The Caribbean, Near/Middle East, Africa, Hotel Business, Carriers, Travel Organisations, Travel Support & Media, Travel Technology.

Exciting award ceremony showcases best of the best at ITB Berlin 2023
CBS Best Exhibitor Award (c) CBS Business School

Together with the Cologne-based consultancy co:compass, the judges will be assessing the appeal of stand designs, customer contact and communications and sustainability efforts.

Furthermore, there is a Best of Best category for the exhibitor with the highest points score. The stand assessment criteria, including an initial and final assessment, are available online and can be used as orientation for future trade show appearances. 

CBS students are also involved in planning and organising the presentation of the coveted Best Exhibitor Award ceremony which will take place on the Blue Stage in Hall 7.1b from 6.30pm Thursday.

Exhibitors nominated to take part will be informed by the CBS team ahead of the event. Full details of the Best Exhibitor Award (BEA) can be found on the website of the CBS International Business School at best-exhibitor-award.

Presentation of the Best Exhibitor Award
Organiser: CBS International Business School in cooperation with co:compass and ITB Berlin 
6.30 p.m., Thursday, 9 March 2023
Location: Blue Stage, Hall 7.1b