March 7, 2023

Shiji rolls out Enterprise Platform across Europe

The hospitality technology specialist Shiji is back at ITB to underline its growing expansion in Europe. The company brings its forward-thinking services to Europe as Ruby Hotels, a Germany-based hotel group, confirmed it will be implementing the Shiji Enterprise Platform across its hotels across the continent. Following a successful trial, Ruby Hotels has installed the Shiji Enterprise Platform in its high-end properties, with locations in London, Vienna, Hamburg and more. The platform will reportedly help Ruby Hotels improve its guest experiences, boost operational efficiency and strengthen IT administration and security.

The innovative platform features an enterprise-focused, “API everything” approach, while using technologies such as artificial intelligence to help provide customers and staff with the most accurate data. “We are excited to partner with Shiji and implement the Shiji Enterprise Platform across our hotels,” said Fabian Zellinger, Vice President Corporate Development, Systems & New Ventures at Ruby Hotels.

A partnership between Shiji and Fletcher Hotels was also recently announced. The Dutch chain will also be bringing the Shiji Enterprise Platform solution to over 100 of its hotels. “We are excited to be partnering with Shiji and implementing Shiji Enterprise Platform across our properties,” said Pauline Kaptein, Digital Director at Fletcher Hotels. 

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