March 10, 2021

Bayern Tourismus Marketing takes on management role

Over the past year, Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH (BayTM) has evolved from a state-wide marketing organisation into a management organisation. 

Bavaria Tourism celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020. It was formed in 2000 as an initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in response to growing national and international competition in tourism. Since then has been marketing the entire tourism and leisure industry both at home and abroad. It is supported by 28 partners from all areas of tourism in Bavaria.

The creation of BayTM helped to develop the strong umbrella brand “Bayern” (Bavaria), Over the years, theme and niche quality brands have been added such as Kinderland and Sightsleeping. More recently, BayTM also worked with the Bavarian Spa Association to set new standards in medical health tourism under  the Gesundes Bayern (Healthy Bavaria) brand. 

“Bavaria is an amalgam of vibrant cities and exceptional natural landscapes, deeply rooted customs and modern interpretations of ancient traditions,” says Barbara Radomski, Managing Director of BayTM, adding, “Just as Bavaria combines these apparent contradictions to create a unique experience, we at Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH also bring together major players in the Bavarian and international travel industry, who may not otherwise have crossed paths. With our final evolution last year from a state-wide marketing organisation to a state-wide management organisation, we gave networking an even higher priority”, adds Radomski.

“Our new department of Networking and Partner Management provides targeted support to our business partners – at a regional, national and international level – to help them build up contacts and cooperations with the Bavarian tourist industry. We have a clear conviction: networks thrive on members who seek interaction. And that also makes them successful in the long term.”

Plunge into the  “Twilight of the Gods II – The Last Monarchs”, Bavarian State Exhibition

The Bavarian State Exhibition 2021 “Twilight of the Gods II – The Last Monarchs” will be hosted in the World Heritage City of Regensburg. It follows the 2011 exhibition “Twilight of the Gods: King Ludwig II” in Herrenchiemsee. The exhibition takes place in the House of Bavarian History from June 23, 2021 to January 16, 2022. It explores, through eight sections, the destinies of the last European monarchs – Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Bavaria’s King Ludwig III, Emperor Wilhelm II and the Russian Czar – before the revolution of 1918.

Bayern Tourismus Marketing takes on management role


Photo: Regensburg will play host to the Bavarian State Exhibition 2021 (Photo: Cleverdis / L Citrinot)