March 2, 2024

“Innovation and agility are at the core of’s approach”

ITB Berlin News sat down with’s Chief Operating Officer Schubert Lou to discuss how the company is pioneering solutions for the global traveller

Ahead of his keynote for the Technology Tours and Activities Track at ITB Berlin Convention, Schubert Lou outlined how, a brand of Group, is changing the travel experience with cutting-edge AI while catering to global travel preferences with local offerings.

The landscape of international travel has undergone significant changes post-pandemic. What are some of the emerging trends in consumer behaviour that have impacted international travel?

In today’s travel landscape, the desires of travellers extend beyond mere sightseeing. They yearn for authentic and immersive experiences, including seeking out high-quality wellness experiences and embracing event and entertainment tourism as integral components of their personalised itineraries. Moreover, there is a growing consciousness towards sustainable tourism, where travellers prioritise destinations that demonstrate environmental responsibility.

These shifting preferences among consumers present remarkable opportunities for destinations to diversify their offerings. By catering to these evolving demands, destinations can attract a broader audience and position themselves as go-to destinations for experiential and sustainable travel.

What are your strategies for integrating the diverse preferences of international travellers with local tours and attractions?
Innovation and agility are at the core of’s approach. We leverage technology to observe and analyse global trends, and it enables us to respond promptly to changing consumer preferences. Through close collaboration with our global partners, we customise products and experiences in local destinations to cater to diverse international travellers.

Destinations should strive to offer a comprehensive and enriching travel experience by tapping into the emerging preferences for event tourism and sustainable travel and utilising effective channels.

Technology bridges the desires of global travellers with the unique offerings of destinations. It allows for effective promotion of destinations’ cultures and uniqueness, and empowers our community to make informed decisions, enhancing their event-driven travel experiences.

As expands its global footprint, how do you envision the future of travel and how is preparing for these future trends?
Our vision is to make synonymous with personalised, technology-driven travel, and facilitate cultural and people-to-people exchanges with technology. 

Our commitment to innovation and understanding the unique needs of each traveller remains unwavering. We’re excited to introduce more travellers to our platform, showing them the depth of personalisation and care we bring to their journeys.

With the power of technology, we are continually pushing the boundaries of travel, ensuring that every journey with is unparalleled and unforgettable. We believe the beauty of travel is that it takes people far away, yet brings people closer together.

“How to Accommodate the Global Traveller”
Schubert Lou, COO at
Wednesday 6 March
> 10:35a.m. – 11:00a.m.
Location: Hall 6.1 eTravel Stage

The unique preferences of Asian tourists

As a part of ITB Berlin’s travel technology programme on the eTravel Stage in Hall 6.1, Schubert Lou will be on hand at the Technology Tours and Activities Track on Wednesday, March 6 to deliver the session’s keynote address. With’s focus on tailoring travel to a broad, international audience, he will discuss the particular preferences of Asian and Chinese tourists and how destinations can give full play to their preferences.

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