Navigating the future: ITB China’s enhanced digital platform

ITB China unveils tools designed to maximise business opportunities during and post-event.

Effortless digital networking
The platform’s revamped business card exchange stands out, simplifying interactions between buyers, trade visitors, and exhibitors. This intuitive feature ensures that networking is both meaningful and efficient. Complementing this is the new instant messaging tool, enabling real-time conversations and ensuring potential collaborations are always within reach.

A comprehensive exhibitor guide
The ITB China 2023 online catalogue, equipped with the Showfloor feature, offers attendees an easy way to navigate through exhibitor listings. This digital directory provides quick access to company details and contact information, streamlining the discovery process.

Stay connected with live streams
For those unable to attend in person or wanting a recap, the platform’s live streaming ensures no one misses out. All sessions, including those from the Presentation Hub, are available on-demand, making it convenient for a global audience.

Capture every moment
From 11th September, the “Live Photo” feature will allow participants to view and share event photos, ensuring memorable moments are preserved.

Tailored tools for enhanced experience
Exhibitors can use the “Scan” function to document their interactions, providing a post-event summary. Buyers, on the other hand, can confirm their pre-scheduled meetings with exhibitors using the same tool. Additionally, the platform offers incentive tips, accessible via the “Me” button, providing added value for buyers.

导航未来:ITB 中国的增强数字平台

ITB 中国推出旨在最大化活动期间和活动后商业机会的工具。




配备Showfloor功能的ITB 中国2023在线目录为与会者提供了一种轻松浏览展商列表的方法。这个数字目录为公司详细信息和联系信息提供了快速访问,简化了发现过程。




从9月11日开始,”Live Photo”功能将允许参与者查看和分享活动照片,确保难忘的时刻得到保留。



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