A call for an upgraded transformation of partnerships

Carl Wen, Director of Event Planning at the National Sales Department, Amway (China) spoke with ITB China News about the company’s vision for MICE tourism 

For the past 29 years, Amway has been organising two or three overseas seminars annually. As of December 2023, over 200,000 marketing personnel had participated in 60 sessions of marketing training seminars, including 56 overseas training seminars. 

Over the years, the seminars have been held in 24 countries and 44 cities/regions across Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and Africa. Under the guidance of the company’s overall strategy, the brand “See the World with Amway”, carefully crafted by Amway overseas seminars, continues to evolve and be updated.

“At present, in addition to offering rewards, our positioning for overseas seminars is to provide a platform for our marketing partners to show a better lifestyle, allowing participants to experience physical health, social value, personal growth, vital life, and emotional well-being,” said Carl Wen.

In the spirit of enabling marketing partners to present a better lifestyle, Amway has introduced many unique experiential arrangements during their seminars. At the 2021/22 Amway Marketing Elite Overseas Training Seminar in New Zealand, marketing partners were treated to unforgettable adventures including skydiving, mountain freeriding and sailing. This series of experiential activities not only enhanced participants’ understanding and perception of the destinations, but also enabled them to convey images characterised by vibrant and healthy lifestyles on their social media platforms.

Amway also actively incorporates elements of charity and environmental protection into its overseas seminars. During the overseas training seminar in New Zealand, one popular activity was called “Skydiving for Charity”. Each participant who signed up for skydiving donated RMB 1,000 to the Amway Charity Foundation’s “Healthy Children’s Wonderland” project, making a meaningful contribution while jumping from 12,000 feet (approximately 3,650 metres).  

Providing seminar attendees with different experiences and catering to their community preferences have become important factors for us to consider and balance.

Additionally, Amway also promotes green and sustainable environmental protection practices through a series of details, working together with marketing partners to protect the environment – for example, continuously reducing the use of plastic products in preparing seminar materials; publishing relevant posts on the “See the World with Amway” WeChat official account before travelling to encourage partners to bring their own toiletries and minimise reliance on disposable or small-packaged materials, and to remind partners to reduce towel and sheet changes in hotel and limit detergent usage, so as to actively practice energy conservation and emission reduction.

“With the upgrade of the ‘TOTAL WELLNESS’ strategy in 2023, we will continue to convey the concept in seminars, turning attendees into practitioners and advocates of a better life,” said Carl Wen.

When asked about the “key considerations in choosing a destination,” Carl Wen said, “In the past, our primary consideration was reception capacity. Our overseas seminars have always been characterised by their large scale and high demands. However, according to the new strategy, providing attendees with different experiences and catering to their community preferences have become important factors for us to consider and balance.” 

Harnessing the efficiency of digital tools 

In the digital era, adept use of data analysis software can enhance overall operational efficiency and improve the experiences of journeys. While some suppliers still rely solely on Excel, forward-thinking companies like Amway (China) have embraced technological advancements. Carl Wen elaborated, “We have developed a database to manage seminar data in 2010 and have continuously upgraded it in recent years. It can now enable us to customise mobile apps for electronic information statistics, node management, and process monitoring for marketing partners. This greatly reduces manual effort, improves efficiency, and enables data-based decision-making. Additionally, how to apply Artificial Intelligence(AI) to further improve efficiency and resources integration is also an area worth exploring.”

What’s next for Amway?

Regarding future plans, Carl Wen mentioned that Amway (China) holds a senior marketing manager overseas seminar and a marketing elite overseas training seminar every year. Over the next three years, they will continue to make innovations in destination selection and journey experiences based on this arrangement. 2025 will mark the 30th anniversary of Amway, and in celebration, the company has introduced the “Blooming Garden Plan” and “Outcomes Sharing Plan,” encouraging more marketing partners to participate, experience, and share their feelings, adding a new chapter to their “See the World with Amway” journey towards a better life.













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