Customised travel driven by consumer demand

ITB China News spoke with Guo Ming, Co-founder and CEO of HHtravel, about customised travel services in China and the importance of adapting to consumer requirements as well as the advantages new media channels offer agencies.

Guo Ming highlighted that 2016 was arguably the “first year” of customised travel service in China, “when major travel service platforms increased their inputs in the customised travel market.” He added that with the recovery of tourism service in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are looking for “more personalised, quality and diversified travel services.” He maintained that consumers today “prefer to travel in small groups rather than large ones”, which leads to a sharp rise in the demand for customised travel service.

Consumers are looking for more personalised, quality and diversified travel services.

To meet the rising demand for customised services and luxury travel in China, HHtravel aquires new understanding about consumers before developing products that focus more on their demands. Compared with the product-oriented approach adopted in the past, this approach centres around clients’ demands. Guo Ming stressed that a travel agency specialising in customised services should develop its response strategy from three aspects, i.e., new understanding, new demands and new provision, so as to constantly satisfy the clients’ demands, create values for them, and pursue development driven by clients’ demands.

New media can provide a channel for travel agencies offering customised travel services to acquire clients while building further relationships with them. HHtravel reduced costs for aquiring clients by relying on a new media matrix that Mr Ming said “efficiently attracts clients.” “By opening and operating our WeChat Official Account and Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) Account, we are improving the new media matrix of HHtravel thanks to the constant development of new media. We turn scarce resource products and incomparable fun-seeking experiences into media content in diverse forms, and precisely distribute such content to different groups of people. In this way, our travel products are transformed into media content and made known to the public, and the impact of our brand is enhanced.”


鸿鹄逸游·携程太美旅行联合创始人CEO郭明接受ITB China采访,探讨了中国定制旅游服务的发展,以及适应消费者需求的重要性和新媒体渠道为旅行社带来的新机会。





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