The rich cross-border heritage of Gorizia on display at ITB China 2024

The border town of Gorizia, together with Nova Gorica in Slovenia, will be the joint European Capital of Culture in 2025 under the banner of GO! 2025.

Gorizia, a city at the centre of Europe with a Hapsburg past and witness to the struggles of the 20th century, is preparing to embark on the ambitious initiative, GO! 2025, celebrating the union and cooperation of the city with its neighbour in Slovenia.

Gorizia is first and foremost a border city with a long history. While its elegant palaces and monuments are tangible evidence of its Hapsburg past, the troubled history of Gorizia is also apparent throughout. Gorizia’s imposing castle offers not only a view of the city, but of the Isonzo River, a symbol of World War I, as well as the three hills that saw the most significant battles of the Great War in Italy. Approaching the border, the memory of the city’s partition after World War II, when the Transalpina/Europe Square was cut in half, still lives on today.

A full calendar of events will take place in both Gorizia and Nova Gorica as well as the broader region of Friuli Venezia Giulia throughout the year. The city is also offering a series of guided tours that will allow visitors to discover its rich cross-border heritage, including “Gorizia, history of a border,” which will explore the role of the city during the turbulent and complex history of the 20th century.

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Photo: Gorizia Castle – © Marco Milani

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