EGYPTAIR: Bridging ancient civilizations and modern destinations

Established in 1932, EGYPTAIR has become the first airline in the Middle East and Africa and the seventh in the world to join IATA. The historic international airline is presenting its offer to visitors at ITB China this year.

21 years ago, EGYPTAIR made its first flight to Beijing, playing a pivotal role in linking two great ancient civilizations by connecting China and Egypt. This first step was then followed by the airline’s expansion into the region of Guangzhou with a daily flight, Hangzhou with three weekly flights and now Shanghai which will operate four weekly flights from July 2024. Through these connections, EGYPTAIR seeks to enhance the deep-rooted economic, political and touristic ties between Egypt and China.

EGYPTAIR flies to more than 70 destinations in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and North America and over 67 more destinations through codeshare agreements as well as over 1,200 destinations globally thanks to its Star Alliance membership. EGYPTAIR is now reaching new destinations with its expansion and fleet modernisation plan, aiming to make the travel experience for all passengers seamless through its hub in Cairo International Airport. EGYPTAIR also operates multiple daily flights to Egypt’s top leisure destinations connected to its international network with connections to Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El- Sheikh, and Hurghada.

EGYPTAIR is continuously developing its services to make travelling more convenient for passengers, offering digital services like online booking, online and self-check-in, seat selection and excess baggage allowance. In addition to this, passengers can now enjoy Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity on selected aircraft types.

In order to adapt to today’s traveller’s needs, the airline’s frequent flyer programme EGYPTAIR Plus offers members many travel benefits including earning and redeeming miles on EGYPTAIR flights and Star Alliance member airlines, access to over 1,000 lounges worldwide, priority airport check-in, priority baggage handling, priority boarding and more depending on the tier level.

Stand E71.


埃及航空成立于1932年,是中东和非洲第一家、全球第七家加入国际航空运输协会 (IATA)的航空公司。这家历史悠久的国际航空公司将在今年的ITB China上向参观的观众展示其优质服务。

21年前,埃及航空首航北京,从长城到金字塔,从中国到埃及,为连接中埃两大文明古国发挥了关键作用。 随后,该航空公司将业务扩展到广州地区(每日一班)、杭州地区(每周三班)以及上海地区(从2024年7月起每周将运营四班)。通过这些航班,埃及航空极大地加强了中埃两国之间深厚的经济、政治和旅游关系。


埃及航空不断开发优质服务,提供在线预订、在线自助值机、选座和超额行李限额等数字化服务,让旅客的旅行更加便捷。 除此之外,旅客现在还可以在部份机型上享受 Wi-Fi 和移动设备连接服务。

为了适应当今旅客的需求,埃及航空公司的飞行常客计划“EGYPTAIR Plus”为会员提供了许多旅行福利,包括累积和兑换埃及航空航班及星空联盟成员航空公司的航班里程、使用全球 1,000多个机场的贵宾休息室、优先办理机场登机手续、优先托运行李处理、优先登机等(具体取决于会员等级)。


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