Promoting the high-quality development of mass customised travel

ITB China News spoke with Zhao Wenzhi, Chairman and President of GZL International Travel Service, about the company’s latest travel strategies

Amidst a growing domestic travel market in 2023, CGZL became keenly aware of people’s current travel needs and the changes in their attitude and decided to propose an innovative mass customisation concept of “one family, one tour group”.

In addition to guaranteeing the quality of outbound travel highlights, this concept promotes customisation as “inexpensive and full of fun” rather than high-end luxury tours that cater to a small group of people. Rolling out such tour products aims to gradually attract tourists to try new ways of traveling.

The resumption of group travel in China in July 2023 contributed to a sharp increase in the number of consultations across all of CGZL’s channels for small customised group tours and individual group tours for acquaintances, up nearly 800 percent over the previous year.

CGZL tested out publicity on new media platforms by building its own operating team on TikTok and livestreaming each day to gain viewership.

The rapid revival of the outbound travel market in 2023 led to the shortage of direct flights. The number of foreign flights available accounted for only 30-50 percent of the number prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. To make up for this shortage, CGZL worked closely with large Chinese and international airline companies and purchased more flights from previously less used channels, making full use of the advantages of outbound direct flights. CGZL also strove to organise special reception for its customers at destination countries. With the help of outbound direct flights and courteous reception at destinations, CGZL registered 100 percent customer satisfaction from the first outbound tour groups, which tourists were eager to become members of.

CGZL tested out publicity on new media platforms by building its own operating team on TikTok and livestreaming each day to gain viewership. New Planet Tour, a travel agency affiliated with CGZL (a member of LN Holdings) started to live stream on TikTok in May 2023 and set up a multiple account matrix for doing livestream and adopted a high-frequency live-streaming mode. By leveraging its own advantages in resource control, product R&D and marketing, New Planet Tour has drawn a big audience on TikTok. It achieved a turnover of RMB 12 million (roughly €1.54 million) in nearly 30 days, with the highest single day turnover of RMB 1.13 million (roughly €147,000).

Favor Tour, another company affiliated with CGZL, started doing livestream in June 2023. Leveraging its offline advantages, Favor Tour garnered over RMB 10 million (approximately €1.28 million) in GMV in 30 live streaming sessions, with the highest exposure exceeding 60,000. Based on an in-depth understanding of its user profile, Favor Tour takes into account these characteristics, closely following what captures the attention of consumers, and identifying target users. It shifts the promotion strategy from introducing travel plans to stressing the selling points of travel products, helping reassure customers, and focusing on introducing product information.

Investing in Guangzhou tourism opportunities

In addition to its established business, CGZL is constantly seeking to transform its business in diversified and innovative ways. In particular, it is accelerating the exploration of travel resources surrounding Guangzhou. In 2023, it upgraded the bird garden of Mingchun Valley in the Mountaintop Park of Baiyun Mountain – the only 5A tourist attraction surrounding Guangzhou – and put it into operation. Wisdom and Fun (Zhiqu) Camp is a product and brand with a theme of parent-child research and study, winning a high degree of market recognition. CGZL has upgraded the camp into a science education base for delivering parent-child nature education and research on birds, providing CGZL with powerful resources for developing this sector.

Catering to seniors and attracting younger customers

Judging from the present market demands, CGZL believes that the market opportunities for seniors and younger customers are promising. CGZL is working fast to restructure a diversified network of providers, making greater efforts to make direct purchases from tourist destinations, and increasing its control over the resources at every step of the travel service chain. There is an increased demand coming from younger tourists, who have different preferences. For instance, they often pursue cultural experiences at a deeper level, attend a concert, participate in sports or outdoor activities, visit a museum, or enjoy art, which triggers their travel demands.













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