🌍 Episode 13# Tourism Selangor

In this episode of the ITB news podcast we will talk about with The Honourable Hee Loy Sian, the EXCO of Tourism and Environment State of Selangor, Malaysia Time-stamped show notes 00:00 ➡️ 01:05: introduction 01:05 ➡️ 05:20: industry news 05:20 ➡️ 16:02: exclusive interview of The Honourable Hee Loy Sian, the EXCO of Tourism…

Hilton Travellers’ Changing Expectations 2023 report highlights wellness demand

Hilton released at the end of last year its 2023 trends report, The 2023 Traveler: Emerging Trends that are Innovating the Travel Experience, A Report from Hilton.


The volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, Italy, has become famous around the world for its thermal baths and natural springs, as well as its exotic scenery and mineral-rich thermal waters

U.S. visas - Travel Association and mayors work to reduce approval times to 21 days

The U.S. Travel Association is lobbying the U.S. government to speed up visa procedures and act swiftly. Some improvements have already been implemented such as a reduction in the wait time for the visa interview.

Lufthansa Group is 1st to launch new "Green Fares" for more sustainable air travel

The Lufthansa group offers a new fare which integrates Sustainable Aviation Fuels while compensating emissions through high-quality climate protection projects in just one click

Three new capital cities of culture in Europe for 2023

As of January first 2023, three cities hold the title of European Capital of Culture in Europe - Elefsina (Greece), Timisoara (Romania) and Veszprém (Hungary), all of which have developed programmes to attract visitors throughout the year

Wine, a major asset for South Australia's tourism

South Australia wines have turned the state into a world famous vineyard region where some of the finest bottles can be tasted


Italy takes a look at sustainability in numbers ahead of ITB Berlin 2023 The country's national tourism board (ENIT) says creating an effective model for measuring the phenomenon of sustainable tourism will be essential: To support the development of innovative products and services with a reduced impact on the environment To focus on issues linked…

Seeing Jordan through the eyes of its people

Jordan is highlighting its rich adventure tourism segment with a wide range of hiking trails through breathtaking landscapes
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