Content marketing for sustainable tourism recovery

March 11, 2021
Despite the challenges, this global pandemic has yielded lessons that can provide a roadmap to a more resilient future. By employing best practices and exploring new strategies, content-driven, digital marketing can connect new audiences to a more sustainable world of travel.

Yesterday, at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention, Rob Holmes, Founder, GLP Films, hosted “ITB Best Practice: Content Marketing for Sustainable Tourism Recovery”. In the session, he reviewed best practices to maximise digital storytelling, reach a target audience, and increase ROI as tourism rebuilds towards a more sustainable industry.

In his presentation, Holmes covered the many ways in which content marketing can be optimised not only as part of a Covid recovery plan, but also for long-term sustainability.

“As we prepare to emerge from the worldwide lockdown, I believe that story-driven content highlighting the resilient nature of sustainable tourism providers is a strong strategy”, says Holmes. “Every destination has their stories of survival: the kayaking companies who have kept the rivers clean; the chefs who fed their villages during lockdown; the walking guides who restored tracks and trails; and the conservationists who have protected their local wildlife.”