March 1, 2021

What to expect from Serbia in 2021?

2021 is Serbia’s “year of slow adventure”: a concept that highlights wandering, hiking and biking – for visitors to experience Mother Nature at her own pace. And also to plunge into Serbia’s heritage and traditions. 

The National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (NTOS) focuses on four topics for its slow adventure concept:
• Nature Holidays, from the exploration of mountains and sparsely populated areas to villages and spas;
• Individual or small group activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing or cooking;
• Cultural and historical heritage in open, Covid-safe areas, including natural or architectural monuments and fortresses;
• Local gastronomy as an integral part of slow adventure with the tasting of specialties from all Serbian regions.

Slow adventure is, according to the NTOS, the best way to meet the demand by tourists to get away from crowded areas. It champions leisurely, immersive journeys and heartfelt encounters in wild places and natural spaces,

Slow adventure travellers take the time to pause and make eco-conscious travel choices, leaving no discernible footprint behind, interacting with local cultures and their natural rhythms, engaging with communities, and returning home with a finer appreciation of life.

As the concept will bring tourists to lesser-known parts of the country, slow travel destinations offer multiple surprises for explorers, from wild food and wildlife to outdoor sanctuaries, enjoying human and nature-powered highlights.

Covid-19 has claimed a “temporary victim” in Serbia. The Novi Sad Capital of Culture has been moved to 2022, as authorities predict a full recovery for tourism by then. But any visitor is welcome to already come in 2021 to visit the laid-back historical capital of the Vojvodina region on the Danube River.

Photo: Slow adventure will bring visitors to experience Serbia’s nature at their own pace in 2021. Such as embracing the spectacular panoramas of Tara National Park. @NTOS

What to expect from Serbia in 2021?