March 11, 2021

An epic ride through Borneo: trans-Borneo road cycling

Sarawak has traditionally offered spectacular wildlife and unique tribal culture in the heart of Borneo.

For adventurous tourists, who are ready to explore unusual destinations, Sarawak is the new kid on the block when it comes to cycling holidays. A specialised cycling tour operator based in the Sarawak capital of Kuching, Paradesa Borneo, offers trips on bike ranging from a few hours to more than 15 days.

The newest one on the list is the Trans-Borneo Road Cycling – an epic 15-day adventure across the Malaysian region of Borneo, as well as Brunei.

“The newly launched 15-day road cycling tour across the island of Borneo opens all new possibilities to experience a completely new side of the island,” said Paradesa Borneo Director JC Chua. “The tour covers two countries, eight international crossings and just over 1,300 km of great riding spread over twelve amazing days in the saddle. This ground-breaking journey through Borneo sees us cycling from the western state of Malaysia’s Sarawak and takes us, in style via the Kingdom of Brunei, to the eastern state of Sabah.”

Established in 2013, Paradesa Borneo also offers Multiple Activity Cycling Holidays that combine bike and kayaking trips in Semadang River – as well as great hikes to spot wildlife in many national parks of Sarawak.

Bespoke road and mountain cycling programme in Sarawak with the itinerary taking into consideration the customers’ experience, stamina, and interests are part of expanding portfolio of cycling holidays offered by Paradesa Borneo.

An epic ride through Borneo: trans-Borneo road cycling

Photo: Trans-Borneo Road Bike – © 2019 Paradesa

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An epic ride through Borneo: trans-Borneo road cycling