March 4, 2024

Healing hospitality: Ensana’s integrated health spa experience

Ensana, one of Europe’s leading health spa hotel brands with a collection of 28 hotels, has developed a unique integrated health concept that combines natural healing resources with current medical expertise and modern diagnostic methods.

As custodian of some of Europe’s most powerful and historic natural resources, Ensana is harnessing them in new ways to enhance the health of its guests. The hotel brand is utilising the therapeutic properties of thermal and mineral waters, mud and salt, to treat a range of health conditions affecting the muscles, bones, organs, metabolism and skin, as well as enhancing well-being. Ensana’s commitment to health and wellness goes beyond ordinary hospitality.

With decades of expertise and properties that span the historic allure of Hungary and Romania to the natural healing sanctuaries nestled in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and the UK, Ensana has established itself as a brand visitors can trust with their most precious commodity – their health.

Ensana is continually seeking to expand and find new opportunities as an operator in Europe and the Middle East. The brand’s development pipeline is currently focused on unique locations in Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The firm’s expansion strategy includes new spa hotels as well as existing properties which can benefit from its expertise and the implementation of Ensana’s health spa programmes. “We believe that everybody has a right to good health, and it’s our long-term goal to provide that opportunity,” says Frank Halmos, CEO of Ensana.

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